Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Clean Registry in Windows 7 with CCleaner

In Microsoft Windows operating system, registry is a database system that used to store data and information about system, hardware, and software configuration. If PC is always used for many things like browse the internet, install or uninstall PC software, and store some data, these things is very closely related with operating system's registry. Time by time, there will be garbage registry that not useful. If these registries are not cleaned, it will decrease PC's performance. Therefore, clean registry is very important and one of the many maintenance process that can speed up PC's performance.

Registry Editor in Windows 7

How to Clean Registry in Windows 7 Using CCleaner with Easy Way

CCleaner is a free software (The CCleaner Professional is the paid-version) that can be used to clean registry and clean Windows PC so that can makes computer faster and more secure. Here is the step how to clean registry in Windows 7 PC using CCleaner:

First of all, download and install CCleaner. Double-click the .exe setup, and follow the step on the wizard (in this case, writer using CCleaner v4.02)

CCleaner Installing Setup Wizard

After the installation process was success, run the CCleaner. On the left side, click Registry. It will show the many checkbox that can be customized before doing clean registry (on the registry scan process). On default, all of the the checkbox is already checked. After that, click "Scan for Issues" to scan the registry.

Scan for Issues

Wait until the process is done. The list of registry issues will appeare. To fix the issues, click "Fix Selected Issues". Before fix the registry, backup the registry. Click "Yes", and save the registry configuration.

Backup registry before fix the issues

After that, there will appear the description of the issues. Click "Fix All Selected Issues" to fix the entire issued registry, wait until the process is end. The PC registry is already cleaned!

Fix the issues

CCleaner also can clean all the garbage file like temporary file and garbage file from internet browser. Remember to do clean registry in Windows 7 periodically. Once a month or twice a month to keep the PC's performance. To clean the hard drive, read the article about "How to Run Disk Cleanup on Windows 7". Hope it helps!

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